• Fiber Elite BK / RS 41 Inch Acoustic Guitar

    Fiber Elite BK / RS 41 Inch Acoustic Guitar -- Best in Show at the Shanghai Music Show 2019, It is warmly welcome by many visitor during the show. The reason it is not only because it perfect outside

    2019/12/11 boya

  • Do you know what benefit of study music?

    Music can create fancy and knowledge: The music education can promote children’s brain grown and nature children’s imagination. The music is helpful for nature a kind of active study and curious attitude while connect the music in the early childhood.

    2019/09/27 boya

  • Why we should study music?

    It is not useless if you learned music and it is good to play music instrument. The music are able to create human with a good and firmly quality, and the music can led people become optimistic and upward with rich political world, and people are able to remain self-pursuit and people able to think independently.

    2019/09/18 boya

  • How to choose a good guitar pick for guitar begineers?

    I would like to recommend you it is better to prepare several style of guitar pick for your playing while it is only a small instrument; it can make you feel comfortable and showing off your individualism as different color and its different design.

    2019/09/15 boya

  • The best acoustic guitar for beginners in 2019

    This 40 inch acoustic Guitar is made with a completely flamed okuman wood, which is very suitable for the guitar beginners, not only its stand out fingerboard stylist, but also because of its beautiful tonality sound.

    2019/09/09 boya

  • what kind of guitars can capture your eyes?

    your body feeling is comfortable or not, to select a suitable guitar size and the body shape, then you will feel comfortable while you are playing, a comfortable guitar you feel which can give you a supporting and encouragement and you won’t miss the playing.

    2019/09/03 boya

  • Should the guitar learner need to buy more than thousands of guitars?

    When you feel you are deeply falling love with playing guitar, then it is the time to consider how to select the guitar for the beginning. I ever heard someone says should I to buy many different guitars for the learning?

    2019/08/29 boya

  • 6 ways to overcome your nervous while you are playing guitar

    If you can practice above technical daily, that your playing is for the performance. Smiling or optional focus can avoid nervous, speaking loudly if you feel your attention is less, with challenge attitude when you are in a scared mood. The more thing you can prepare the better chance to succeed for your playing.

    2019/08/04 boya

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