• These physics knowledge I learned from the guitar

    Do you know how difficult it is for the good original sound? Each string undertakes more than thousand-kilogram pulling, but the guitar normally with 6 strings, you can see that then how difficult for the guitar to undertake the capability which almost equal to one package of concrete, at the same time, the thinner of the wood the louder of the guitar. We usually selected the cedar or spruce as the top because of these materials with strong tensile resistance.

    2019/04/06 boya

  • Bracing-the solve of guitar sound

    When you are recall the period of the beginning of learning guitar, if you were pursuit the sound feelings and the guitar outside figure? In fact, for the reliable brand, we should go to see the inside world of the guitar body! Bracing, challenge to the guitar sound!

    2019/04/02 boya

  • How can we fix the frets buzz phenomenon for the Guitar or Ukulele?

    Frets buzz is because the strings are too low or some wires are too high, which create the instrument sound being buzz or the sound is too small.

    2019/04/01 boya

  • Do you dare to repair your beloved guitar by yourself?

    There are several common reasons for such a problem: 1. The top body of the guitar is out of shape. 2. Guitar nut is too high. 3. Guitar neck is extremely curved. 4. The bridge is too high.

    2019/03/31 boya

  • Why the guitar tone is not correct, here, we offer you some ideas to solve

    Bo Ya Musical Instrument Factory sincerely hope can offer you some ideas for the incorrect tone of the guitars. Customers always complain the bad guitar sound when they are go to the guitar store. Perhaps the volume will being lower and lower when they are playing, or the second string being extremely sharp. Surely, the guitar has its adjusting limit period: guitar designed as being play many note at first, but at the same time, which also adding the conflict sound into our ears.

    2019/03/30 boya

  • The best ukulele, your correct choice

    Excellent sound, Bo Ya’s Ukulele, your best choice.


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