Why the guitar tone is not correct, here, we offer you some ideas to solve

2019-03-30 11:31:26 boya

Bo Ya Musical Instrument Factory sincerely hope can offer you some ideas for the incorrect tone of the guitars.

Customers always complain the bad guitar sound when they are go to the guitar store. Perhaps the volume will being lower and lower when they are playing, or the second string being extremely sharp. Surely, the guitar has its adjusting limit period: guitar designed as being play many note at first, but at the same time, which also adding the conflict sound into our ears.

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Today, the main subject is how to maintain the excellent sound for your guitars, Bo Ya Music Factory offer you several simple methods to adjust your guitar tone problem.

At the beginning of the adjusting tone, firstly, you need to get a tuner, it would be better if it is with high sensitively. Usually, we will check the pitch of empty string, and then to check the 12fret pitch. Of cause, it is correct checking process, but the better way is to continue checking the fifth and seventh frets pitch. Because the fifth and seventh frets should be nice if the guitar is perfect.

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 Please ensure if the environment is stable

The guitar is made with wood, therefore the change of the humility and temperature will cause the guitar to slightly shrink or expand, which will affect the sound of guitar. Although human can do many thing, we have no ways to control the wood reflection to the temperature.

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