Do you dare to repair your beloved guitar by yourself?

2019-03-31 10:42:49 boya

Guitar strings are too high


There are several common reasons for such a problem:

1. The top body of the guitar is out of shape.

2. Guitar nut is too high.

3. Guitar neck is extremely curved.

4. The bridge is too high.

Firstly, we have to ensure if the curve is because of strong string pull. The raising of the guitar top will create the bridge being raised and then the strings will become high. Such status frequently happens to the cheap class guitar after using for a long period or poor maintaining. It is ok if the guitar just with a little curve but don’t repair it yourself if the curve status is too heavy unless you are willing to send the guitar to the manufacturer to repair.

If your guitar top no curve status, then you can check whether the guitar neck is extremely curved. You may choose our idea if your requirement is not too precise. Clamping the first fret via tone-variation clip (which is to prevent the string nut too high), pressing the fifth fret with your finger, and then to check the string distance from the seventh to eighth fret, and to see if the string distance is too large, usually the guitar neck with a little curving millimeter gaps for half is belong to normally status, which is benefit to hands feeling. Because the guitar neck curving usually is its the closest guitar head, the little curving of the guitar head can prevent the guitar fret too low. However, because of the long time pulling or the thickness strings and so on will create the guitar head being extremely cured after using a long time. Then we can use a hexagon wrench, insert the hexagon wrench into adjusting lever of the guitar neck, the adjusting lever you can find it at the end of the guitar neck from the sound hole or you may touch it if you can not find it. Then turn it with clockwise and you can feel it is tighter and tighter, please take care, don’t turn it too tighter, especially if the guitar is long time no adjusting or the guitar neck is to curve, it will damage the guitar neck by turning to tighter.

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Bo Ya Musical Instrument Factory would like to remind you for the several details: 

1. it will be better to lose the guitar strings while tighter(with clockwise), to prevent the obstruction power is too strong then the hexagon wrench curving; 

2. please take care the hexagon will bumping the guitar string if you don’t lose the guitar string; 

3. it will be more extent if you lose the guitar string, because the string will be pulling the guitar neck to curve after adjustment that is why we need to lose the strings.

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