How can we fix the frets buzz phenomenon for the Guitar or Ukulele?

2019-04-01 15:24:28 boya

Frets buzz

1. Frets buzz is because the strings are too low or some wires are too high, which create the instrument sound being buzz or the sound is too small.

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2. The strings are too high. Firstly, you need to check if the guitar neck is backwards seriously and this will cause the frets buzz, it is a normal phenomenon of frets buzz for the 12th fret. During pressing the first fret and the fifth fret, the middle wires and the strings touch together. We should be turning the hexagon wrench with anticlockwise and lose the guitar neck until being normal.

3. Being fret buzz because the nut and bridge are too low. Under the normal status of the neck curving, it is so easy to check the nut by checking the first fret, But if it is the bridge is too low, fret buzz usually will appear to the fifth or seventh fret. Then the nut or the bridge should be changed with other suitable ones.

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