How to judge guitar quality?

2019-06-24 21:34:11 boya

There are five points for judging guitar quality: material, design, art work, feeling, and tone. We can objectively judging the guitar from these five characteristics.

Because of guitar lovers easily to addicted to minor point, they are not fully to judge the guitar quality from the entirely and the comprehensively. For example, perhaps some guitar lovers may say a good guitar with good strips or “the more close strips the nice sound will be.”So, some guitar lovers pay their attention on these particulars.

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Consumers should recognized, after collected the wood materials, which must being suitable drying and timing, this perhaps need many years. Correctly drying process will increasing the wood cost greatly. In additionally, consumers still need to recognize even though you carefully selecting the wood, there are also some flaws perhaps you don’t find out.

The wood material must being suitable cutting and drying. It should control the humid during drying and warming. The wood material perhaps will be cracked during the process of warming and drying.

Design: the design connected to the beauty and practical problem, and the beauty connected to the guitar ratio and its shape.

Art work: the art work connected to the wood work and the package technique. During recent years, some guitar factory ark work greatly increased their technique levels; the modern machine can make the guitar outside figure very perfect.

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