6 ways to overcome your nervous while you are playing guitar

2019-08-04 10:11:21 boya


Directly face to the challenge

 Pretend to feel and angrily face to the challenge is a method to overcome the nervous.

If you are looking for a different experience, then we can adopt stronger confidence and the challenging attitude. We can use the strong-minded to lead our body action. Speak to ourselves deeply can help to control the power. Instead of out of the control and self-criticism mind. With a positive and active idea: Really! Do you want to eat me? Do you think you can control me? No! I have a strong mind.


Slow down the speed

Faster the speed is a bad effect of the nervous.

 When our mind locates in an exciting status, we will feel the time is slow down and feel that the singing now is slower than usual. In fact, the singing speed perhaps already is very fast. If you slow the speed deliberately, then we can recover our mind and control ourselves and we also can improve the accurately; then we have enough spare times to think, and the playing will be normal as our playing in usual.

 When we think the playing speed is slower, in fact, it is not the truth. When you heard the recording, it is perhaps will faster than usual.


Playing loudly

Shaking, wet hands, faster breathing, which will out of carefully control power. 


 Under such a situation, how we can carefully control the music and us how to avoid the playing mistake. When our hands are hard to play, please try to play loudly which is helpful to recover the situation. The music sharpness and it's colorful may not reach our expectation, somehow, we can overcome this difficulty, through a little period playing, and everything will become better.


Option of focusing

 The main reason for the nervous is our brain, which looks the life-like the threaten, which entered into one kind of circumstance of the “to challenge or to escape”

 In fact, in the today, there is no exist the harm to the player by the viewers, but our brain still create an afraid idea, which inspires a special chemical material, and we mainly focus our attention on that side, then it created a stupid and hardly movement action, to overcome this problem is to attend by option method, and you can apply your main attention to focus some special music subject,

The pronunciation ready action and the beating are two places we can be focused on.

Start to take action:

 When we focus on the prepare action, we may care about the location of our right hand on the string, if our right hand is put on the right location, then we will feel everything is under our controlling. We can pay our attention to our right while listening to each rhythm, which is helpful to us on the music but not the ideas come from the viewer. The more thinking on the music the more understanding of the rhythm we are playing.


Another point is worth us to the truth, the notice place is the rhythm. If the beating being more accurately then the sound you play will be better and your feeling will be more stable.

To adjust the metronome to louder in daily practice and to play follow the rhythm, make the beating becoming our basic technical power and practice before playing.



 When the locale situation becoming worse and we enter a dangerous status, why you don’t cheat yourself it is not so worse actually.

When we smile, that is we telling our nervous system everything is going well, then the nervous system will slower beating, and lose its tension. Perhaps it is funny for the smiles during the playing, however, which is better than the fail playing, people always favor to smiling, and the smiling can affect others.


Soften your tongue and eyes

 When we soften our tongue and eyes, which is similar to the smiling, it releases to our brain, and stop the shaking.

 Release the root tongue, and let it extend to the inside tooth, which is helpful for our breath. This method can calm down our talking and release the neck and muscle of our chest so that we can release our arms and hands extension power. When we release our sight, which can rapidly recover peace and focus, it is more suitable for the playing status.

At last

Practice and practice

If you can practice above technical daily, that your playing is for the performance.

Smiling or optional focus can avoid nervous, speaking loudly if you feel your attention is less, with challenge attitude when you are in a scared mood. The more thing you can prepare the better chance to succeed for your playing.



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