How to choose a good guitar pick for guitar begineers?

2019-09-15 10:26:21 boya

There are several reasons to choose a suitable guitar pick for you while playing. Guitar pick is made with animal horns traditionally, especially in China. Currently, most of the guitar picks are made with plastic. The guitar pick is used for certain situations and instrument types. 

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Different thickness of the guitar pick used in different musical instrument, such as the acoustic guitar, which commonly choose from 0.46mm to 0.7mm thickness, it is soft. While the thickness from 0.71mm to 0.84mm thickness for the guitar beginners. And for the electric guitar, it is suitable to choose the thickness from 0.85mm to 1.2mm because it’s hard material.

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Nevertheless, I would like to recommend you it is better to prepare several style of guitar pick for your playing while it is only a small instrument; it can make you feel comfortable and showing off your individualism as different color and its different design.

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