Why we should study music?

2019-09-18 19:57:51 boya

        “The purpose of nature music is not nature musician, fist of all it is for nature people.”The famous educationist Suhomlinski ever said.

In the same time, the famous violinist Sheng China said:”The main purpose of learning violin is not for becoming a violinist, but for becoming complete people, the music is very helpful for human’s temper, it will led a person becoming a rich feeling person and with a lot of sympathy.

Because you will not only get music accomplishment, and the personality, the morality and the temperament while you learn music and musical instrument.


It is difficult to study well for musical instrument if you don’t focus on it, in the same way, it will be through it away easily if you have no strongly patient on learning the musical instrument. Each people who are good on the side of musical instrument, all of them have strongly willing and persistence.

Because they got patience and focus on learning the musical instrument, similarly, they will being success on the others things.

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Gain imagination and responsibility for learning music

The musician get rich art cells, usually, they are very sensible and they are able to indentify various emotion of the music, and also they can discover some minor thing in the life.

The musician’s imagination and their jump property are very active and with creative. It is not difficult to discover musician in various industries.


Gain the cooperative ability and memory when learning musical instrument

Usually, the person who learned musical instrument, who cooperative ability are not bad, that is because these people need adjust some of     

their body to play the music, and the song will become bad if they don’t focus their body cooperation.

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   Moreover, the musician’s memories are usually good, as we all know, the musician need to remember a lot of music score, that is why they have good memory. You see, how difficult to remember and play a long and complicate music song without watching it. It is helpful to improve memory for learning musical instrument, and it will be strengthen the memory.


Gain empathy ability when learning music

A musician’s empathy ability is not bad commonly, because the music, basically , it is function is create empathy, people will feel happy while they listen a happy song; while they will recall the bad things when they hearing sad song.

The musician usually with strong empathy ability, they are able to catch other people’s emotion, and they are good at consider others; they are the most welcome person in the human relationship.

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  The music won’t being devalue and can’t being replaced

Someone ever said, actually, the music is not a reality thing, and it is not the necessary for human’s life because the music can’t saw and it can’t touch. Anyhow, who can image that how the life will become if our life without music? Certainly, our life will becoming dull.




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