Do you know what benefit of study music?

2019-09-27 20:51:11 boya

1. It is helpful for develop language and rational ability: Music are able to nature our brain, especially for our brain left side, which is better to develop music.

2. Study music is able to empathy our memory: for a piece of complicated music, if you can play it without any mistake, which is a good exercise for our memories. General Player can play more than ten pieces of music songs without seeing the music scores. And a professional player can play more than hundred music songs, such memories, I think perhaps only the music can be reached.

3. Most of the musicians won’t learn badly: because study music is to learn how to thinking rational. You must firstly control yourself then you can to control the music. Many musicians tried hard work to study how control him and control music. To think with rational and he knew well how to control his emotion. The more important, the music has an influence people function in silence. While you are study the music, you also study the beauty, and feeling the beauty, practice it. A beautiful environment is benefit to cure human’s heart and temper.


4. To improve body adjustment: play musical instrument is helpful to improve student’s body action adjustment. Just like doing the excise, the children also can develop excise technical while playing the music which will lead human’s body action being more harmonize.

5. Study music can teach children to insist for doing work: to study a new musical instrument which can be a very challenge matter, but you will feel more achievability if you play it well.

6. The music can cure human’s temper and lead people’s heart becoming more healthful: many cases already approved the music can minor physiological pain and it have great helpful to cure mental sickness. During the study music process, the music can increase the emotion between students and teacher’s contact, communication; students can express their special emotion through music; to play a nice music can inspire student’s active inspiration; most of introversion students have changed their temper greatly after study music, including treating people, they are becoming more active and they are become like to communicate with other people.


7. You can gain a living technical by learning music: The competitive becoming more violently, especially in current social life and occupation pressing. It is very necessary with one or more with several life techniques if you want to live on a rich life. To perform and to play music in every various performance place if you have leisure time which can win many people admire, but also, playing music can makes a lot of friends and it can expand your social group. Playing music already became a best way for making friend, because many people are like to and willing close to the players, which created a great help for your life and your work and lower your life pressure.

8. The children have high EQ if they study music: the student is able to develop their emotion if they study music, usually, these children with high self-respect, and they are able to control anxious.

9. Children’s study model distinguishes: after the help of music teaching, children are able to develop their math and the model distinguishes technical.


10. Music can increase children’s temper and life taste: Many people appraising musician’s temper are very nice, because the music also is a kind of art form and the art basic from life but higher than life. The art is the essence of the real life.

11. Auditory technical of the minor emotion: Most of the musicians are able to detect some interesting voice, such as the emotion sense of baby’s cry. Some students who practice music are able to identify the predict module from the around noisy.

12. Music can create fancy and knowledge: The music education can promote children’s brain grown and nature children’s imagination. The music is helpful for nature a kind of active study and curious attitude while connect the music in the early childhood.


13. Music is able to relax and adjust life interesting: Students are able face to many pressures by study and playing music instrument. Gentle music is especially helpful to relax children’s mood.

14. The musical instrument can teach self-principle: most of the children who study musical instrument have to offer many spare times to practice and study, and then they can learn how to control the time to practice their musical instrument.

15. Future economy prepare with originality: the new economy create many art industries, these jobs are perhaps able to increase further.


16. Creative ideas development: most of students who study music are able to study creative ideas. Such education is able to help them to solve problem in different latitude.

17. Music study can develop intelligence space: it can increase student’s intelligence development through study music, which can lead the student to feel the world. The space intelligence is helpful higher math and some more.

18. The children can study how to cooperate in their group: Many music education project required group cooperation, as some parts of the band or some pipe string band. In these groups, students can study how to work well, how to cooperate and perhaps they can create their friendship


19. People are able to deal with new matter after learning music: you may be will feel horrible and anxious while you are playing a song. However, which can teach the player to take a risk and to handle horrify, which is helpful to their success.

20. Study music can lead children becoming more confidence: after the help of teacher encouragement and the head of family, students are able create the confidence and self-respect by learning a musical instrument. Teacher can give their student a better communication through teach music.

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